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  1. I’ve bin following your blog for almost 2 years now, I love your lively drawings and the loose line! that yellow is a great colour, so accurate.
    I just arrived to Berlin, and would love to get it – any tipp regarding it’s whereabout? by the way, I tried looking for Noodler’s ink in Boessner here – the black bulletproof one – but it’s no where to be found… any idea or Ersatz? Thanks allot!

  2. Hi Neta,

    Thank You! Just viewed your work on Flickr, nice!

    Yellow – it is from a supermarket ‘Pfennigland’ in Berlin Moabit, Turmstrasse (this: http://www.pfennigland.de/pfennigland-moab.html ) – but actually it is for coloring T-shirts (needs to be ironed there) and a bit trashy tool from a trashy store….
    If it is just the color, you like, you might better buy a professional marker with the similar color. The equivalent to the ‘Verkehrsgelb’ (RAL 1023) would be Pantone 108C or 109C, for example.

    Noodlers – there is no way, to get noodlers ink in germany, even other ‘nano inks’ are not available. I have been said, that the ‘Rohrers Antiktusche’ ( http://www.rohrer-klingner.de/index.php?id=4 ) would do. I bought some at Boesners, it is running nicely in my piston-brush, but my fountain pen got clogged after some time – do not know, cause of the ink or it needed cleaning anyway, I cleaned it and use up my noodlers before I start further experiments….

    Berlin – are you staying longer? We have sketchcrawls with the Berlin.Urbansketchers from time to time, but as far as I see, none this weekend. Next weekend is the opening of our group exhibit at the AID: http://aidberlin.de/newsartikel/featured-artists-urban-sketchers.html
    If you are still here and would like to come, this would be great.

    Berlin in general – for events, i like this http://www.slowtravelberlin.com/whats-on/ as infosource.


    1. Thanks allot for the tipps and the invitation, I guess I’ll see you there! Neta

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