third generation

"third generation" at schaubuehne, berlin 1"third generation" at schaubuehne, berlin 2
"third generation" at schaubuehne, berlin 3"third generation" at schaubuehne, berlin 4
"third generation" at schaubuehne, berlin5"third generation" at schaubuehne, berlin, discussion

an evening at schaubuehne about 6 weeks ago: an berlin | tel aviv coproduction "third generation”. they are performing it again tonight.

from a film about the project and a discussion, both happening after the performance, i learned this: a group of actors from germany and isreal – there either with jewish and arabian roots – had met to this project. they led discussions about the relationships of these groups – these discussions they transformed into this stage performance. i thought this is a very inspiring concept, very well executed, tragical, painful at many points, but even with good humour. a touching experience.

i felt the need to post these sketches now after hearing the latest news. to me the performance was an example of thoughtful human attitude in contrast to brute force. and a cure against simplification and nationalism.

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