Bus to London

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Friday afternoon a Bus to London leaves Berlin ZOB at 19:00. The drivers have buttoned shirts and ties, which matches the ‘Business Class’ writing on the side. There is few people in, guess it will pick up most passengers on the route, in Hannover, Brussles or Lille, before it will arrive in London tomorrow at 12:30. You can fly to London from Berlin cheaply several times a day, so bus is not really an option. I did fly a few weeks ago, when we had a workshop in Brighton. We even discussed a possible ‪#‎brexit‬, all british people I did talk to wanted to remain, some passionately engaged. In retrospection, they were worried, while I myself could not imagine it happen. This morning I read the result and it still is hard to believe and to understand, what it will mean now. What alarms me is, that it very strongly seems, that brexit-leaders do not have any idea either, but only big-mouthed slogans. I am very glad to have seen another England lately – people that connect just like everywhere in Europe, that are dedicated to understanding and humanity. So there is hope, even though aggressive populists seem to be everywhere too …


Ende Mai fliege ich nach England, zum Workshop ‘Drawing People on Stage’ mit Isabel CarmonaSwasky  und mir in Brighton. Der gehört zur Reihe ‘Pushing your Sketching Boundaries’, die Isa aund Swasky mit unterschiedlichen Partnern seit 2014 betreiben. Ich werde Swasky wieder und Isa das erste Mal treffen und freue mich auf die gemeinsame Zeit.

*flug_b_gatwick_250516 copy*zug_gattwick_brighton_250516

*Der Flug von Schönefeld nach London geht schnell vorbei, in Gatwick steige ich in den Regionalzug nach Brighton.

*Im Zug diskutieren ältere Menschen über den Onlinekauf von Taschen, sie hat eigentlich nur Probleme mit den metrischen Maßangaben – ‘I just can´t think centimeters’. Er, links aus dem Bild hat einen Kompass an seiner online gekauften Tasche, wir fahren nach Süden. Sie: ‘That is good. I actually hoped for that!’

Tatsächlich erreichen wir Brighton nach nur gut 30 Minuten. Continue reading “Brighton”