berlin ringbahn

sketches of the berlin circular railway – two done today and one in july:
station westend, berlin charlottenburg
at westend station the road “spandauer damm” is crossing the circular rail and motorway. the bridge therefore is currently replaced – because neither the motorway, nor the circular rail can be interrupted, the constructionwork happens with maintained traffic. so people wait for their train, while a big volvo monstersledgehammermachinesomething is choping remainings of the old structure (when i made the drawing, it was still asleep and halfway hidden behind a pole – it woke up, when i started colouring…).
wheelloader digging spandauer damm, berlin
a wheelloader digging spandauer damm by the bridge.


the next station ist messe nord (former witzleben). the berlin ringbahn and the a100 motorway cut the 19th century city abruptly, creating these savage locations. you see the northgate, in the back the yellow scrawl by the gutter shall represent the funkturm berlin, with the international congress centrum asside of it. (sketched in the late dawn in july)

bohinjsko jezero, slovenia

bohinjsko jezero, slovenia

from the coast we went to the triglav area in the julian alps, to the bohinj lake.

bohinji on the bohinjski jezero

as it is an eldorado for all kinds of outdoor sports, one could cruise around the lake with all kinds of manpowered boats. but there even was a lazy way, to explore it –

bohinji, slovenia

the trip on the tourist boat “bohinj” is more interesting than we presumed (due to the informative discourses of a guide traveling with each tour)
on the whole slovenia-trip we enjoyed, aside of the country’s beauty, the naturally friendly and relaxed attitude of all slovenians we met!

tartinijev trg, piran, slovenia

this august we went to the slovenian adria, visting the city of piran. its situated on an a headland, so one can see it from a far.

piran, view from strunjan, slovenia

going into town (by bus, cars are banned) you arrive at the main square, the tartinijev trg.

piran, tartinijev trg, venezian palazzo, slovenia

on one corner there is a “venezian palazzo”.
piran, tartinijev trg, "white model", slovenia

from the square you can see the cathedral st.-georges and baptisterium in the back on a hill.
piran, tartinijev trg, slovenia

from that hill you hve a nice view on the square. from the the guidebook i learned, that the square emerged, when the former harbour was filled in 1894. you can see the new harbour now in the back at the right.

piran, tartinijev trg, street theatre, sloveniapiran, tartinijev trg, rolling, slovenia
the square seems to be the main stage for pirans urban (and touristic) live – on the first evening we dropped into some street theatre.
on the other evening we found that its smooth limestone surface attracs a lot of folk with wheels.