mama, berlin neukoelln

the bar mama in neukoelln, hobrechtstrasse. since about five years i am visiting an atelier in this street, that organizes livedrawingsessions. i remember, having my “postdrawing-beer” standing in some kebap-shop in former times – this is not necessary any more, its true what people say, reuterkiez has improved (its nightlife). – sideeffect: the atelier, where i use to draw is moving, because rents “gentrify”.

i liked the czech beer, anyway…

drawings from that nights livedrawingsession (this time in galerie reifenrath close-by) can be viewed here on flickr

berlin ringbahn

sketches of the berlin circular railway – two done today and one in july:
station westend, berlin charlottenburg
at westend station the road “spandauer damm” is crossing the circular rail and motorway. the bridge therefore is currently replaced – because neither the motorway, nor the circular rail can be interrupted, the constructionwork happens with maintained traffic. so people wait for their train, while a big volvo monstersledgehammermachinesomething is choping remainings of the old structure (when i made the drawing, it was still asleep and halfway hidden behind a pole – it woke up, when i started colouring…).
wheelloader digging spandauer damm, berlin
a wheelloader digging spandauer damm by the bridge.


the next station ist messe nord (former witzleben). the berlin ringbahn and the a100 motorway cut the 19th century city abruptly, creating these savage locations. you see the northgate, in the back the yellow scrawl by the gutter shall represent the funkturm berlin, with the international congress centrum asside of it. (sketched in the late dawn in july)

lange nacht der museen, berlin

last saturday was “long night of the museums” in berlin – i went to bode-museum, to view a public livedrawing-session there (“bodyacting”, organized by enrico pietracci as part of “the big draw berlin”).

there was an impressive sky and very clear light that evening – i tried to capture a bit of it, before i entered the museum (you see in the back, beyond the railwaybridge):

bodemuseum, berlin

at the livedrawing session the models were dressed up with chitons (reference to renaissance sculptures exhibited in the museum, i guess) and performed very expressively to live cello-music – more or less constantly moving, so drawing was challenging – here are some of my attempts:

figures 1figures 2
figures 5

figures 4figures 3